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We are fortunate to live in a village that has so many stories to tell. The people of Wonersh have been involved in weaving, gunpowder production, printing, stone masonry, tanning, shoe making, gamekeeping, brick making and farming - all presumably creating such a thirst that it could only be satisfied in the 19th Century by more off licenses in Wonersh than can otherwise be explained! The Wonersh History Society was founded in 1992 to research not just facts but also to seek out the stories, to preserve them and to make them available to the village.

Our Archive

We have a large archive that includes photographs, census records, church register entries and interviews with residents - some who remembered the village in the late 1800s and early 1900s. We are always keen to see new members. Our annual subscription fee of £10 a year for individual membership and £15 a year for a family provides reduced entry to talks which are held five or six times a year and hand delivered bulletins catching up on events over the previous six months.


CAN YOU HELP? Our archive is pretty extensive but we need more material. If you have any photographs we can borrow please get in touch through our Contact page. We promise to look after them and return them to you.