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We are not aware of a definitive record of Wonersh war dead and the list below, therefore, is taken from plaques in St John the Baptist Church in Wonersh, the Wonersh Village Club and St John’s Seminary . We found that the men named did not necessarily all live in the village but all were connected in some way. There will be very few now, if any, who personally remember these men, but many will have heard stories or seen old photographs of those who were lost. If you are willing to share your memories or photographs please get in touch. One of our members, Jan Cooper, is compiling a Wonersh One-Place Study which currently includes over 6500 people including many of those below, just follow this link:
A great deal of research has been carried out on the men from the village who were lost during the wars. The names on this page have links to the Wonersh One- Place Study website where you will find the information gathered so far.
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