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WONERSH ONE-PLACE STUDY For anyone researching, or simply interested in people connected with Wonersh, this is the place to look: The   Wonersh   study,   which   is   registered   with   The   Society   for   One-Place   Studies,   is   being   compiled   by   Jan   Cooper,   our   Treasurer.      To   date she has listed over 8000 people. Jan   has   collected   and   transcribed   every   Wonersh   census   image   from   1841   to   1911   which   provide   to   full   names   and   addresses,   marital status,   age,   occupation   and   place   of   birth.      The   1911   census   also   gives   number   of   years   married   and   numbers   of   children   born   and   still living. Some   Parish   registers   are   online   and   these   too   were   transcribed   and   provide   additional information:      Baptisms   -   name   of   parents,   occupation   of   father;      Marriages   –   occupations   of both   fathers,   residence   of   bride   and   groom,   witnesses;      Burials   –   age,   address,   sometimes relationship. Gathering    information    on    burials    can    be    particularly    difficult.        We    understand    that    the churchyard   in   Wonersh   was   full   by   1861   and   many   burials   would   have   taken   place   in   Shamley Green   in   the   consecrated   ground   surrounding   their   Chapel   of   Ease.      Sadly   few   records   seem to   have   survived   about   who   was   buried   there   in   that   time.      The   funeral   service   appears   to have   taken   place   in   St   John’s   in   Wonersh   but   where   the   body   lies   is   sometimes   a   mystery.     Christ   Church   in   Shamley   Green   became   a   church   in   its   own   right   from   1881   and   as   they   are still   using   their   original   burial   register   it   has   not   been   scanned   but   we   were   fortunate   to   be able to see the register briefly and take some information from it.
NEW RECORDS We        now        hold        copies        and transcriptions       of       the       National Register taken in the village in 1939. We    also    have    photographs    of    all Birth,   Marriage   &   Death   registers   for Christ       Church,       Shamley       Green 1881–June    2017.        Lastly,    we    have some    copies    of    the    old    and    new churchyard   grave   plots   so   are   slowly taking    photographs    to    match    the plot    and    match    up    with    funerals taking   place   in   St   John   the   Baptist.     Unfortunately,       Chapel       of       Ease records have still not been found. “We     have     a     number     of     old Wonersh    wills    and    I    would    be really    grateful    if    anyone    would be     willing     to     have     a     go     at transcribing        one    or    two    and creating Word documents.”  Jan