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By   1884   the   Grantleys   had   left   Wonersh   and   the   estate   was   sold   at   auction   to   John    and   Mary   Sudbury.       John   Sudbury   like   the   Grantleys   before   him   owned   most   of   Wonersh.      He   died   of typhoid   in   1902   caused,   it’s   said,   by   poor   drains.      In   1914   Mary   Sudbury   sold   Wonersh   Park   to Robert   Haslam    on   the   condition   that   she   could   continue   to   live   there   for   the   rest   of   her   life.     Robert   lived   in   Wonersh   Mill   House   and   never   moved   into   Wonersh   Park.      He   tried   to   sell   it   when   Mary   died   in   1926   but   no   buyer   being found the house was eventually demolished in 1929. The   site   of   the   house   is   now   a   grass   field   which   Beatrice   Cook    bought   in   1935   and   gifted   to   the   village   in   1950.      The   entrance   gateway   still survives, the former stable block is now Wonersh Court and the lytch gate has been reopened. Today   in   the   gatehouse   there   are   two   ten   foot   stone   freizes   made   and   installed   in   1953   by   John   Hurren.       John   was   a   wood   and   stone   carver and   had   a   studio   attached   to   Grantley   Cottages,   close   to   the   Grantley   Arms.      The   panels   are   a   memorial   to   ‘unpraised   civilians’   who endured   the   second   world   war.      They   are   intended   to   typify   all   aspects   of   village   life   including   the   Women’s   Institute,   the   Land   Girls,   the   Boy Scouts, the farmer, vet and fishmonger.  There are twenty-two figures in all.
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