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WONERSH BOWLS CLUB The Club’s own website gives a full account of its history and so here we are simply providing a shortened version. The   Corner   House,   opposite   the   Pepper   Pot,   is   now   two flats   but   before   being   converted   the   house   belonged   to Dr   John   Bell   Nichol.      The   sitting   room   of   what   is   now   the Garden   Flat   was   Dr   Nichol’s   consulting   room   and   it   was here,    after    a    Unionist    Association    Committee    meeting that   the   idea   of   a   bowling   club   was   born.      It   has   to   be   said there     was     little     enthusiasm     but     nevertheless     those present    agreed    to    pursue    the    idea    and    a    meeting    of some   50   people   was   held   in   the   Memorial   Hall   to   gauge interest.      Present   were   Messrs   John   Courage,   Frank   Cook, Robert   Haslam   and   Frank   Rogerson   who   subsequently became founders of Wonersh Bowling Club. Frank   Rogerson   agreed   to   lease   some   ground   behind   the   Memorial   Hall   for   a   nominal rent    of    2/6d    per    annum,    later    giving    the    land    to    the    Club    when    he    moved    from Chinthurst.        In    1925    the    site    was    levelled,    enclosed    and    turfed    and    in    1926    the outskirts   of   the   ground   were   planted   with   shrubs   and   lime   trees.      A   small   cycle   shed acted as a temporary pavilion and then, following a gift from John Courage, replaced at a cost of £300, Frank Cook providing the furniture. The   first   Captain   of   the   Club   was   Major   White   of   the   Forrest   Arms   in   Blackheath   (succeeded   in   1928   by   Mr   John   Jay)   but   unfortunately   not much play was possible during the summer because the members had to learn the rules of the game …”
Surrey Advertiser 19 August 1944
Surrey Advertiser 20 January 1940 Photo courtesy of Dennis Cruickshank