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MEMBERS’ AREA       This whole area is very much a work in progress but we have made a start and will continue to add resources over the coming months.  It would help to hear of any suggestions you have for items we might include - please speak to Dennis or Jan or use the contact page.  Notice Board: We are just trying this out and if there is insufficient content to keep it interesting then don’t be surprised if the page disappears.  Digital Index & Master Index: These are both read-only spreadsheets.  The digital index lists documents and photographs that are stored online.  The master index includes many additional documents and photographs that have not yet been transferred to a digital format as well as, for example books (and what else?).  For anyone not familiar with spreadsheets, they consist of one or more worksheets which are indicated by tabs in the bottom lefthand corner.  You simply click on the worksheets to move between content.  Please don’t be tempted to download an index - they are updated daily and the links on this page are to the ‘live’ documents.  Let Jan know if you would like access to any items and she will do her best to make them available bearing in mind that items from the master index may take a little longer to provide than digital.  Bulletin Archive: All of the History Society bulletins are available here as pdf files, beginning with the first bulletin published in March 1993.  Bulletin No. 52 is also available as a flipbook (instead of scrolling through pages, the pages flip or turn just like a book).  If feedback on the flipbook is positive, future bulletins can be added in both formats.  There is an index to the bulletins on the digital index spreadsheet which will be helpful if you are looking for a particular subject or just browsing.  The worksheet is not surprisingly called ‘Bulletins’.  The Wonersh Mail: This was published to coincide with the 2017 Village Fair and is reproduced here as a flipbook.  There are a handful of paper copies left for anyone who would like one. DIGITAL INDEX DIGITAL INDEX MASTER INDEX MASTER INDEX NOTICE BOARD NOTICE BOARD BULLETIN ARCHIVE BULLETIN ARCHIVE WONERSH MAIL WONERSH MAIL