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LAUNDRY Notes   taken   from   interviews   with   villagers   in   the   1970s   mention   two   laundries   in   Wonersh   -   one   on   The   Common   and   one   on   the   Platt.      It’s likely   however   that   there   was   only   one   laundry,   that   run   by   Agnes   Granny’   Atkins    in   an   outbuilding   of   what   was   The   Old   Cottage   (now Old Forge Cottage ).  It was later moved on the expiry of the lease to a building on the right side of the Platt. KENNELS Mrs   Howard   acquired   Little   Tangley    in   1930   for   £12000.      She   was   a   prominent   breeder   of   black   labradors   and   long-haired   dachshunds and   was   also   a   judge   at   Crufts.      She   used   the   extensive   barns   and   stables   to   house   the   dogs   and,   allegedly,   raised   puppies   in   the   billiard room.      Mrs   Howard   was   obviously   a   woman   with   friends   in   high   places   as   the   Prince   of   Wales   (later   Edward   VIII   and   Duke   of   Windsor) apparently kept two of his dogs at Little Tangley and was a frequent visitor. Another prominent dog breeder in Wonersh in the 1970s was Karina Le Mare who bred Great Danes at The Mill House. Victor   Berwyn   Jones    served   with   the   Royal   Field   Artillery   in France   during   WW1   where   he   was   gassed   and   wounded.      He and   his   wife   moved   to   The   Old   Cottage   (now   Old   Forge Cottage )   in   1924   and   converted   an   outbuilding   (previously   a laundry)   to   create   a   surgery   and   operating   theatre   for   his veterinary   business.      There   were   kennels   alongside.      In   1935 Victor   took   a   seven   year   lease   on   Wonersh   Yard,    the   former stable   block   of   the   Grantley   Estate,   then   owned   by   Robert Haslam.       He   continued   his   veterinary   business   there   until 1945    when    it    was    transferred    to    Donald    Underwood,   another vet.
Wonersh Yard