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SHOPS ON THE COMMON Facing   the   common,   where   there   had   previously   been   kennels,   a   small   row   of   shops   was   built:      Faulkner’s    grocers   and   newsagents   (the furthest away from the main road) and Grinstead’s ‘fishmongers-cum-butchers’. OFF LICENCES In   addition   to   the   shop   and   off   licence   run   by   the   Hollands    on   Wonersh   Common   Road   and   the   beer   retailer   in   Tankards    in   The   Street, Ashlands    on   Wonersh   Common   Road   was   also   once   a   beer   shop.      An   item   in   the   1949   Women’s   Institute   Scrapbook   mentions   ‘I   have   been told   they   drank   their   beer   under   the   big   old   tree   in   front,   of   which   only   the   ancient   stump   remains.      There   was   a   well   by   the   door   and   inside   at   the back of the house was a small cellar just sufficiently sunk below the ground for the beer barrels to keep cool ’. Woodyer’s   View   on   Barnett   Lane   was   owned   by   Guildford   brewer   F   A   Crooke   &   Co   and when   it   ceased   to   be   a   grocer’s   shop   in   1913,   they   re-opened   the   business   as   an   off licence.      Frederick   Mott    and   his   family   moved   from   nearby   Diamond   Cottages    to   run it    and    in    1956    the    licence    was    held    by    Frederick’s    son    Frank     and    his    wife    Betty .       According   to   Betty,   before   the   New   Road   properties   were   built   the   area   was   used   for grazing   cattle.      The   herdsman   would      bring   the   cattle   along   Barnett   Lane   as   far   as   the   off licence   and   then   leave   the   cows   to   find   their   own   way   back   to   the   field   while   he   stopped off for a jar or two. NURSERIES In   1947   Stewart   King   Industries   Ltd   bought   Little   Tangley    intending   to   use the   premises   to   demonstrate   and   trial   the   products   from   their   Portsmouth factory.      They   went   on   to   pioneer   the   first   air   conditioned   greenhouse,   the polythene   tunnel   and   hydroponics.         In   1952   a   receiver   was   appointed   and ownership   of   the   site   passed   to   National   Provincial   Bank   in   1954.      The Kelly’s   Directory   for   1967   has   the   Garden   Maintenance   Company   (Builders) Ltd, landscape gardeners listed at Little Tangley Nursery . The1855   Post   Office   Directory   lists   ‘William   Virgo   &   Son,   florists,   nursery   & seedsmen,   Wonersh   Nursery’ ,   and   also   ‘Samuel   Virgo,   market   gardener’.     The   nursery   was   in   Lordshill   but   one   of   the   Virgos   lived   at   Ashlands   on Wonersh Common Road in the mid 19th Century.
Little Tangley c1951
     Woodyer’s View
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