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GENERAL STORES Until   it   became   a   guest   house   and   restaurant,   The   Sheilings   (now   the   Pharmacy) was   a   general   store,   bakery   and   Post   Office.      The   grocer   and   sub-postmaster was   Harry   Wheeler,    listed   in   Kelly’s   Directories   of   1885   to   1899,   an   ambitious man   who   bought   the   large   garden   of   Fern   Cottage    opposite.      He   built   the   shop which    became    Wonersh    Supply    Stores,    Forrest    Stores    (1953),    Fine    Fare    and eventually Wonersh Village Stores. On   Wonersh   Common   Road   in   what   is   now   The   Bottle   & Basket,    there   was   a   shop   and   off   licence   run   by   Alfred   John Holland    and   his   wife    Sarah .       Sarah   took   over   the   shop   when her   husband   died   in   1931   and   when   she   died   her   daughter Eileen   Butt    ran   the   business.      At   the   time   of   this   photograph it was also the Village Post Office. The   house   in   The   Street   now   known   as   Tankards   was   also   a shop.      We   believe   George   Cox,    who   is   listed   as   a   shopkeeper in    trade    directories    from    1874    to    1891,    had    his    shop    at Tankards,   and   from   1895   to   1915   the   business   was   run   by Albert   George   Coleman,    shopkeeper   and   beer   retailer.      In the    1919    directory    Mr    Coleman    had    been    replaced    by Thomas   Jendon   and   he   is   listed   until   1927.      The   shop   had one   more   owner   before   being   converted   to   a   private   house around 1935. Phyllis   Oliver    ran   a   grocer’s   shop   in   Woodyer’s   View    on Barnett Lane until she died in 1913.
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